Travel Eau de Parfum – Profumeria Franco

Travel Eau de Parfum – Profumeria Franco



All the essence of Profumeria Franco always at hand.


A magical essence, always at hand. When you travel, take this perfume with you, made with the exclusive blends of perfumery. Wherever you go, you will always be enveloped in a unique fragrance. It contains 20 ml. The fragrances available in the Travel format are:

Eau de toilette Ponte di Rialto Donna
Elixir eau de Parfum Supreme
Elixir eau de Parfum Fleurs Royales
Elixir eau de Parfum Oriental Sublime
Elixir eau de Parfum Oud Intance
Elixir eau de Parfum Poivre Precieux

With every purchase, a bag of the Franco Profumeria brand is gifted.